About the EUSP


The certificate in European Union Studies is operated under the supervision of the European Council of the University System of Georgia. The program is open to all institutions and students of the University System as well as to professionals with an undergraduate degree.


Why should you enroll?

Demonstrate professional expertise to potential employers and graduate schools. Indeed, students have been offered jobs simply because they had an EU Studies certificate.

After all, the EU is the largest international investor in Georgia, accounting for 61% of all foreign investment in the state. The EU is the area to study if you are interested in a job in international relations, business, or education.
Participate in an award-winning program. The EU Studies certificate received the Chancellor’s Award for Collaborative Excellence (1999) and the ACE/AT&T Award for Using Technology to Internationalize the Curriculum (2003).


“The EU Studies certificate is an excellent opportunity for an international experience in an exciting field of study and it looks good on a resume too.” 
Natalie Dean,
North Georgia College and State University

“The EU Studies Certificate of the University System of Georgia is a model on how to deliver a curriculum within a collaborative framework.” 
His Excellency Hugo Paemen,
Former EU Ambassador to the US


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Please join us and add your signature to the @ciwf European Citizen's Initiative demanding that the European Commission ban the use of cages in animal farming!
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Merry #Christmas everyone!
We have some 🎁 for you: games we did with our #EUpeople guests!
In this one, we challenged @HardemanHildeML to recognize the voices in famous international phone conversations… ☎
Play with us in the full version here → https://t.co/IZDu6TeoOj

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