JUST HELD: The USG European Studies Certificate Sixth Annual Student Conference, “The European Union in a Time of Crisis”

just held

“The European Union in a Time of Crisis:”

The USG European Studies Certificate Sixth Annual Student Conference, Georgia College, April 1, 2022

Made possible by the financial support of CETS at The Georgia Institute of Technology

Conference Topic

“The End of Europe As We Know It? Russia, the EU, and the War in Ukraine”

In recent years, and continuing to the present, the EU has confronted one crisis after another: the Euro and sovereign debt, immigration, Brexit, the threat of authoritarianism in Hungary and Poland, the growing influence of China, the Polish border crisis, and the successive waves of the Covid pandemic.

And now Europe is at war.


On April 1, 2022, 15 students from Georgia College and Valdosta State University presented their research on the European Union on topics such as the EU and the Balkan nations, a Post-Brexit assessment of the EU, Finland and Ukranian Refugees, LGBTQ Rights and the EU, the U.S. Federalist Papers and the EU—and more.


First Place

Emily Wyche, Georgia College

“A Rawlsian Perspective on the EU’s Alleged Democratic Deficit”

Second Place (Tie)

Connor Hilly, Georgia College

“The Greek Debt Crisis: The Crossroads of EU Political and Economic Sovereignty”


Cassandra Doscher, Valdosta State University

“Explaining the Rise of Right-Wing Parties in Europe: A Comparative Analysis”

Third Place


Gracie Norton, Georgia College 

“Kosovo’s Long Journey to Democracy”


SEPTEMBER 19, 2020

The Jean Monnet in the U.S.A. Series, #JMintheUS is an initiative of several EU-funded Universities across the United States. The world has shifted to virtual events, making new kinds of collaborations possible. Co-sponsors of the #JMintheUS initiative can better share programming related to the European Union and European Union studies, increasing access to more communities throughout the country. 

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Call for Papers:

“Reconsidering the European Project in a Time of Change”

EU Flag

The EU Studies Program is holding its annual student conference on April 15-17 at Georgia College in Milledgeville.

Enhance your resume or simply learn more about the European Union! This conference provides students interested in international careers or pursuing EU Studies within the University System of Georgia to present a paper at a locally accessible academic meeting or learn more about the EU and or the European Union Studies Program of the USG.

For more information about this conference, please click on this link.

  The topics of the meeting are indicated by the titles of the Paper Panels that will be presented.

Paper Panels:

  1. What is Next For the EU?
  2. The EU and the Balkans
  3. China and the EU
  4. The EU: Learning to Live with Russia
  5. The Eurozone
  6. Populism, Nationalism, and the EU
  7. Climate Change, the Environment, and the EU
  8. Transatlantic Relations

Other Paper Topics Will Be Considered

Submit Paper Proposals To:

Professor Hank Edmondson (hankedmondson@gcsu.edu)

Professor Michael Baun (mbaun@valdosta.edu)

Professor Christopher Lawrence (christopher.lawrence@mga.edu)